Read 25 pages every day for 3 month in a row

Skill: Intelligence

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Could you guess the one trait the most succesful people possess in common?
Answer: They are voracious readers!
Coincidence? I do not think so.
We all know how important reading is. Yet, the life has a lot of distractions now and our gadgets like TVs, computers and smartphones destroyed our habit of reading. Besides, we have a great variety of sources to learn from: YouTube, blogs, online courses, classes and people around us. It is incredibly difficult to choose among so many alternatives.  
Books are still far better sources of knowledge compared to the online learning tools. It is extremely easy to get distracted while learning from online sources with all the other entertaining stuff being only one-click away. On the other hand, when you are reading a book you totally immerse yourself in it. There are no such distractions.
We are all great at coming up with perfect excuses for not doing the things we know are good for us: Exercising regularly, learning a new language, eating healthy, getting a good night’s sleep, stopping smoking, etc… We are especially creative at rationalizing our behavior when it comes to avoiding enhancing our intelligence through reading. For most of us, for instance, it feels quite hard to find the time to read while we are busy leaving our crazy lives. Deep inside however, we all know we need to make a change, which requires a commitment.
This page is where I am making this commitment:

“I am going to read at least 25 pages a day”

As you see, it is just a simple, daily goal.
That is it.
All I will be trying to do is to commit to this goal.
This is how I am planning to get back in the habit of reading.
To keep myself publicly accountable during this challenge I will keep a record of my progress on this page.
Do you also want to get great works read?
Start today. 25 pages at a time.
Keep in mind: Reading is not important to get ahead. It is crucial in order not to fall behind!
So let’s go get smart!


Read 25 pages every day for 1 month in a row

Skill: Intelligence

Completed: February 8, 2018