Master’s Student · Quantum Engineering

BORN: Erzincan, Turkey

RESIDENCE: Zürich, Switzerland


ALMA MATER: Bogazici University




Bahadır Dönmez is a master’s student at ETH Zürich in Switzerland where he is pursuing a degree in Quantum Engineering.

Early Life

Born in Erzincan, an eastern province of Turkey, Bahadır Dönmez began to show an interest in building things at age 4. As a kid he was attracted to Lego bricks, magnets and toy train engines. His childhood curiosity has evolved into a passion for engineering and science as he started to learn physics and maths in school.


In 2014 he graduated from Istanbul Erkek Lisesi, which is a German International School and one of the oldest high schools of Turkey. After acquiring his Abitur Diploma, he was admitted to the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department of Bogazici University in Istanbul. Later, he extended his studies for an additional year to get a second bachelor’s degree in Physics.
The combination of his strong desire to advance technology to help humanity and insatiable hunger for understanding how the universe works led him to choose a field of study that incorporates both engineering and physics. After leaving Istanbul, he headed to ETH Zurich in Switzerland to pursue a master’s degree in Quantum Engineering.

Future Plans

In the future he hopes to help building a safer, smarter and more connected world by creating technological applications that go beyond the capabilities of classical methods. Therefore, he plans to pursue a PhD and follow up on his innate enthusiasm for research.

Personal Life

When he is not busy with learning quantum science or VLSI design, he enjoys dancing tango, volunteering, coding, reading history and having coffee with friends.