The Impossible List
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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Personal Development

All of us have dreams and life goals we want to achieve. Yet it is surprisingly rare that the things we do every day match our dreams.  The reason is that we tend to lose our focus and get distracted from our visions.  And sometimes we worry so much about the outcomes that we forget to enjoy or even start to dislike the journey.
One way to overcome the problems mentioned above is to create a list and write down our visions even if most of them seem almost impossible at first. That is why, it is called the “Impossible List“.

What is the “Impossible List” exactly about?

The Impossible List is not a “some day” list, where you write a couple of wishes that you hope come true some day in the future. It is not a “to-do” list, where you write the things you would like to do or experience before you die.

The Impossible List is a list of challenging experiences and adventures. It forces you to make a plan and take action today instead of waiting on your dreams. It is not a static list. Rather, it is dynamic, meaning it keeps growing and is constantly updated. As you progress, you cross out the old items and add new ones. It is more about the way you are living and it helps you find joy in the process, rather than just worrying about the end goals. It helps you find new sources of happiness by reminding you to conquer your fears and embrace novelty.


I got the idea of the Impossible List from Thomas Frank, the founder of College Info Geek, a blog I have been following for a very long time. Thomas got the idea from another blogger Joel Runyon, who came up with the concept of Impossible List. After learning about the Impossible List on their blogs, I decided to create my own one and make it public to inspire others to create their own lists.